Bihor Mountains

The tamed beauty of the Western Carpathians

The ‘Apusenii’ Mountains are situated in the most western part of the Carpathian Mountain range. The mountain massif has a surface area of 20.000 square kilometers. It’s extends from the hills of the Transylvanian plateau up to the plains of Tisa. In the heart of this magical realm is the Bihor Mountains. Together with the volcanic range extension ‘Vlădeasa’, Bihor Mountains represent an important tourist attraction. The countless narrow mountain passes, caves, springs, waterfalls, ravines and sinkholes, are spectacular and wild yet the soft mountain peaks are gentle and alluring. This offers a sense of serenity by this untouched beauty of wilderness to all wandering tourists.

The Cetățile Ponorului cave, the ice cave of Scărișoara and, the narrow passes of Galbenei and Someșului Cald, are well known destinations to local and foreign tourists as well. Furthermore, next to the wonders of the landscape, Bihor mountain’s also holds valuable scientific importance.