The Cetățile Ponorului - a real adventure park in nature

46.5630025, 22.7005326,17   Munții Apuseni

One can say without a doubt, that the Cetățile Ponorului is a sort of “bellybutton of the earth” when it comes to the karstic areas of the Apuseni Mountains and especially when it comes to the mountain tourism and adventure of this part of the country. Hikers, speleologists, climbers, cyclists and even amateurs of paragliding can often be found here.

The three large pit caves, along with the overwhelmingly high entrance to the fortresses, highest such entrance in Romania; are places with breathtaking beauty found in this area. The Gorges of the cliffs make this place resemble an inexhaustible fortress hidden in the deep. The underground river crossing the cave, characterized as “the most tumultuous one from the Romanian endokarst” enhances the strength and magnificence of this place even more, calling out to adventurers to discover its course through the endless world of darkness.

The area of the Cetățile Ponorului can be crossed by following the touristic trail bearing its name and marked with a blue dot.