Adventure in nature, the “Cheile Galbinei” (Galbinei Gorges) touristic trail

With their spectacular and amazing dimensions and shapes formed by the karstic phenomena inside them, the Galbenei Gorges are on the “must see” list when it comes to the Apuseni Mountains. Even the famous adventurer Bear Grylls has filmed here. So, without a doubt, this area is an adventure challenge. The via ferrata routes, climbing and descending with the help of chains and cables, the abseiling to the Evantai waterfall, passing through cave tunnels, the unique display of the Galbenei karst spring, not to mention everything that surrounds you are all components of pure adventure. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these places have also taken victims among the unprepared tourists who thought they could disregard the laws of the mountains. The Galbenei Gorges can be reached starting from Padiş, following the trail marked with a yellow dot or from Vârtop following the red tape marking.

Road type: circuit/trail

Marking: yellow dot

Length: 19 km

Level difference (in total): cumulative climb: 1182 m

Degree of difficulty: medium to difficult

Accessibility: forbidden in winter

Duration: 10 hours and 30 minutes

Springs: three springs of drinking water: one in Poiana Florilor (half way) and two in Poiana Glăvoi, located between the Ponor forest section and the Salvamont-Salvaspeo service point

Route characteristics: the circuit route for visiting exceptional karst formations at the entrance of the Galbena valley. The route is long and tiring, with large level differences, which is why it requires a good physical condition. In the winter, the route is inaccessible, and in the other seasons there is a risk of floods forming in the Galbenei Gorges, so we recommend consulting the weather forecast before going through this circuit/trail.

Route description: Padiş Cabin – Brădețanului Valley – Ponor Clearing/Meadow – Borţig Pit Cave – Izbucul Galbenei – Galbenei Gorges – Florilor Clearing/Meadow – Focul Viu (Alive Fire) Glacier – <deviation Stone of Galbena> – Canton Glăvoi – Padiş Cabin