The Boghii Gorges, invitation to “photogenic tourism”

The upper section of the Boga valley was formed and decorated by the waters that have dogged thousands of years in the limestone formations from the area of dinosaurs. From the place where the Boghii waters meet the Oşelului waters until where Boga comes to light, through a picturesque karst spring, trapped between the slopes of the Boghii Stones, the Gorges with the same name can be found. This place is sought by many tourists who are looking to discover the wilderness that is trapped and almost like guarded by the steep slopes. The marbles, the surpluses, the intertwining of the vertical walls and the water that falls over them in foggy waterfalls give the air a rich load of ozone and a dramatic character to the landscape. A walk in this place will fill lungs of tourists with health and their soul with astonishing beauty. Due to their beauty and wilderness, it has been said that these places have an amazing effect on cameras.