The Focul Viu Cave - where ice caught the blaze

46.57509329973442, 22.679980182556164   Munții Apuseni

At just a short distance from the steep Stone of Galbena, the Focul Viu cave is fascinating because of the glacier that hides inside it. The ice block that is about 25.000 cubic meters is the third largest in the country, after the one in the Scărişoarei cave and the one hidden in the inaccessible depths of the Borţig Pit Cave. This place gets almost a mythical character in those moments of the day when the sun’s rays reach the ice mountain. Then, it looks like the mountain is on fire and the steam rising from the ice seem like flames that dare on the most precious treasure of the world, the incomparable beauty of nature.

Visiting this tourist attraction which is unique through its beauty, can be done by following the “Cheile Galbenei” (Galbenei Gorges) touristic trail, marked with a yellow dot. The access of tourists is only allowed up to the balcony set at the base of the pit cave; the place where we can see the columns as well as stalactites & stalagmites formations that the ice and weather have “carved” over time.