Vârtop holiday village

Endless holiday in the heart of the Apuseni Mountains

Situated at the border between Bihor and Alba counties, the Vârtop holiday village is right at the heart of the Bihor Mountains, at the altitude of 1150 meters. Regardless of the season, there is always something to do in Arieşeni. Shady coniferous forests, vividly colored clearings filled with the fragrance of hundreds of flower species, subalpine meadows that call you to the heights; formations and spectacular natural phenomena which are waiting for you to discover them, modern slopes and accommodations that suit every taste and budget … these are only a few of the reasons why these places are worth a visit.

On the touristic trails around here those who love hiking can discover tourist attractions that are well-known even abroad. Such attractions like the ravine called Groapa Ruginoasă (the Rusty Pit), the fairy-tale like scenery that can be seen from the top of the Cucurbăta Mare (1849 m) or from the Piatra Grăitoare (Speaking Stone) (1658 m), the beautiful paths which lead to the Pietrele Negre (Black Stones) steep, the Galbenei Gorges, the Vârciorog waterfall and the Porțile Bihorului (Bihor’s Gates) cave.

There are 3 ski slopes in the immediate vicinity of the Vârtop holiday village. The most in-demand from them is the Piatra Grăitoare (Speaking Stone), with a length of 1880 meters and a difficulty level of medium to difficult. The modern ski lift gets the lovers of winter sports up to 250 meters from the base of the slope to the top. Here, at the top, in summer as well as in winter, the tourists can admire the landscapes that are unforgettable and specific to the Apuseni Mountains. There are three ski schools at Vârtop, having over 40 authorized instructors and trainers.