A place deemed to be photographed, the steep Stone of Galbina

Not far from the Padiş Plateau, the steep Stone of Galbina (Pietrele Galbenei), with its altitude of 1234 meters, is a perfect place for those who love photographic landscapes. The rock which is two hundred meters high rises above the Florilor Clearing and the Galbinei Gorges, being a real challenge for the tourists who venture to cross it from the bottom to the top. However, despite the steep climb, the place is one of the most accessible and most visited belvedere points of the area. The amazing scenery of the southern part of the Bihor Mountains can be viewed here, namely the Biharia mountain mass with the following peaks: the Cucurbăta Mare (1849 m), the Cucurbăta Mică (1769 m), the Piatra Grăitoare (1658 m), where the ski slope from Vârtop can also be found and the Țapu peak (1475 m), under which the immense ravine called Groapa Ruginoasă (the Rusty Pit) can also be seen. Further to the East is the Tărtăroaia peak (1291 m), known for its meadow beauty, the Vârcioroagele and the Zăpodiuţa.