Stâna de Vale, the treasure of old times

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One of the oldest resorts with mountain climate from Romania, Stâna de Vale had its glorious period at the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately, many of the architectural treasures of this period have disappeared. Nevertheless, the resort situated at an altitude of 1102 meters has kept a few of the reasons that have attracted tourists to this place: the most highly ionized air, the mineral springs, impressive scenery and lots of snow in the winter of course, which the lovers of winter sports are so eager to find.

The hikes, no longer than a day, get the tourists to such beautiful waterfalls as the Moara Dracului (the Mill of Satan), Săritoarea Ieduţului (the Jumper of Ieduţ), Vălul Miresei (The Valley of the Bride), Iadolina and Miss, or the top of Cârligaţilor, a place from where beautiful landscapes like Ţăra Beiuşului or the Văldeasa Mountains can be admired. Very close to the resort we can discover the Izvorul Minunilor (the Waterfall of Miracles), which is the source of one of the most appreciated mineral waters in Romania; a legendary place with references to old times and the old inhabitants.

In the winter, the above mentioned waterfalls are sought by alpinists who try to climb them, as well as by the little less adventurous tourists, who only seek the moments of contemplation given by the water that have stopped from its eternal falling.

The resort has a treatment center that offers tourists the opportunity of taking advantage of the healing properties of the mountain climate and of the mineral water. Let’s not forget about the two ski slopes that are covered with snow all winter long, much to the joy of sportsmen who come from around the world to use them.