Băile Felix and 1 Mai resorts

‘The seaside of the West’

Băile Felix is the largest thermal spa resort in the country, open to visitors throughout the year. The name, ‘The seaside of the West’, has been awarded due to its geographic location and its high volume of visitors in the summer. The resort hosts an abundance of naturally occurring thermal springs, with variable water temperatures, between 20 and 49 degrees Celsius. The springs are rich in minerals and imbues healing properties, which are beneficial for the treatment of inflammatory and rheumatic conditions. The surrounding hotels can accommodate up to 7000 visitors and offer a large variety of spa and balneotherapy facilities.

The regions gentle climate allows visitors to enjoy long walks in the natural habitat of the and forest, whilst admiring the beauty of water-lilies otherwise only found in subtropical climates. Relaxation in a friendly environment and exploration of the flavors of local cuisine are also part of the Baile Felix appeal.

‘Băile 1 Mai’

Situated in close proximity to the well-known Băile Felix, ‘Băile 1 Mai’ is a smaller resort ideal for visitors who would like to rest and enjoy spa treatments with budget constraints. The hotels and guest houses offer accommodation at a lower cost in comparison to Băile Felix, and the entrance fees to the pools are better priced as well. Annually, thousands of tourists visit the pools of “Venus”, in the pursue of relaxation.