The Sighiștelului Valley - Almost an underground city


Situated in the south-western part of the Apuseni Natural Park, the Sighiștelului Valley is renowned for the fact that it gives home to more than 200 caves on a surface of only 10 square kilometers, thus being the place with the highest density of caves in Romania. This area has been often compared to a city of underground labyrinths because some of the caves have been inhabited ever since ancient times. The Sighiștelului Valley, almost four kilometers long, extends along a spectacular and wild section of gorges. The paintings on the walls of the Coliboaia cave are more than 30.000 years old, thus being among the oldest cave paintings in Europe. The Măgura cave impresses not only with the dimensions of its rooms and the labyrinth-like layout of its galleries, but also with the beauty of the details sculpted in the rocks by the water and time. The Drăcoaia, Corbasca, Varnița and Pișolca are some of the other caves often visited by tourists who come here.

Nevertheless, they have to keep in mind that they should only venture in these caves with the company of a guide and the proper equipment. The Sighiștelului Valley is a real wildlife adventure park, where tourists can try canyoning, cave tourism, mountain-biking and hiking. The touristic trail of the Sighiștelului Valley is marked with a blue triangle.