Groapa Ruginoasă, the little canyon of the Apuseni Mountains

46.5268628, 22.652772099999993   Munții Apuseni

Groapa Ruginoasă (the Rusty Pit) is a huge ravine, a spectacular erosion phenomenon, where, due to the color of the soil, rust is the predominant color. This well-known destination in the Apuseni Mountains was formed by the highly active torrential “washing” of the soil composed of quartzite, sandstone and red clay. The phenomenon is almost like a real wound in the heart of the mountains. The erosion is still happening, thus widening the pit every year. Officially, Groapa Ruginoasă is approximately 600 meters wide and it exceeds 100 meters in depth. Reaching the top of a mountain, tourists discover a ravine with strong, reddish, inclined walls and sharp edges converging towards its center. The Seacă (dry) Valley starts from the depths of this pit. This valley is a very beautiful and spectacular section of gorges, but unfortunately, due to its high walls, it can only be reached by climbers.

Poiana Florilor (the Valley of Flowers) can be found only 4 km away from Groapa Ruginoasă. It is considered one of the most beautiful places of the Padiş touristic area, being dominated by the vertical and white walls of the Pietrelor Galbenei (Galbenei Stones).