Vârtop - home of great summer adventures

Those who enjoy spending time in nature can venture on the touristic trails set up in the area of the Vârtop holiday village. These trails pass through places of rare beauty and they will also challenge one’s physical condition. From here, people can reach places like: Groapa Ruginoasă (the Rusty Pit), Cheile Galbenei (Galbenei Gorges), the Vârciorog Waterfall, the Porțile Bihorului (Gates of Bihor) cave, and the Pietrele Negre (Black Stones) steep, that have become the real emblems for the tourism of the Apuseni Mountains.

The tops/peaks of Biharia, namely the Curcubăta Mare (1849 m – highest from the Apuseni Monutains), Curcubăta Mică (1769 m) and the Piatra Grăitoare (Speaking Stone) (1658 m), on the slope of which lies the ski slope with the same name, are all belvedere points that make the effort of climbing up to them worthwhile, regardless of the season. The ski lift that the slope is equipped with is functional in the summer-time too, helping tourists to discover the beauty and hefty air of the heights.


Those visitors who wish for even more “vertical” adventure can enjoy the spectacular via ferrata route set up on the Pietrele Negre (Black Stones) steep. The 200 meters route set up with cables and metal staples in the rocks offers a unique experience. The bottom of the valley where the Pietrele Negre steep can be found is at a distance of about 1000 meters. Here experienced alpinists have the opportunity to combine the via ferrata route with several climbing routes. The via ferrata route has a low to medium difficulty level and it ends at a belvedere point where the whole route and the panoramic beauty of the entire Biharia mountain mass can be admired.

Alpinism and climbing

Climbers can enjoy a well-developed route on the Pietrele Negre (Black Stones) steep. There are three string lengths with a 2A technical difficulty. The entire natural amphitheater of the Pietrele Negre rocks can be admired from this route.

Bicycle touring

The tourists who would like to have an active holiday at Vârtop can opt for a mountain bike ride. The touristic route starting from the Culmea Bihariei is the most often visited but also the most demanding route for cyclists. Almost all the marked paths and the marked forest roads from the area lead the mountain bike fans to the tourist attractions from this part of the Apuseni Mountains.

Adventure Park

The Adventure Park from the Vârtop holiday village is dedicated to families with children and all of the visitors who have not used up all their energy yet. The Tyrolean traverses, along with climbing or bow shooting are just a few of the activities that can be practiced here.