Canyoning in the Vârtop area

Canyoning has more and more followers in this part of the country as well. Why? Simply because it combines sport, adventure and a unique way to discover hidden corners of nature. Tourists with the spirit of adventure, from Romania and other countries too, come to the Vârtop area to practice canyoning. The Seacă (dry) Valley has one of the most spectacular such routes. A route that, as the ones who have gone through it say, “reveals the best in people”.

The Seacă (dry) Valley Route description: Vârtop – Groapa Ruginoasă (the Rusty Pit) – Valea Seacă (the Dry Valley) – Valea Galbena (the Yellow Valley). You can enter the route from the Groapa Ruginoasă, and exiting it only by going through the canyon until the crossing of Valea Seacă and Valea Galbena. The route is difficult and experience as well as proper equipment is required to go through the canyons.

What about waterfalls?

The Cheia Rea (Bad Key) Canyon is a true track of waterfalls which represents a challenge for the lovers of extreme sports. It is situated in the Apuseni Natural Park, not far from Vârtop, in the uphill region of the Sighiștel Valley, at a 0,5 km distance from the intersection of the yellow band marking and it ends at the confluence of the Cheia Rea Valley and the Sohol streamlet. The canyon is approximately 400 meters long and it has a 180 meters terrain. The route is also impressive due to the 17 waterfalls that can be found here, the tallest having a height of 20 meters and a width of 17 meters. Those who are seeking adrenaline should know that the Sighiștel Valley, another beloved destination for canyoning, is only a few meters away. Thus, adventure and the Vârtop area go hand in hand. It is good to know that in dry weather the water stream of the valley disappears.