The Bihor peak, the landscape with uttermost value

46.4403115, 22.687840499999993  

The Curcubăta Mare or as it is otherwise known, the Bihor top is the highest peak of the Apuseni Mountains. Its hill, which from afar resembles a pyramid, rises above the Beiuşului depression. The landscape is probably the most valuable component of this holiday destination. Those who reach the top can enjoy a wide, uniquely picturesque view, opened to all the nearby mountains: Gilău, Muntele Mare (the Big Mountain), Vlădeasa, Codru Moma, Trascău and Metaliferi. The whole ridge of Biharia, including the Curcubăta Mică (1769 m), offers a series of belvedere points, bringing peace and happiness in the hearts of those who have ventured here. Rare for the Romanian Carpathian Mountains, the Tăul Mare or Zănoaga is a mountain lake, formed in a natural cauldron, fed by the rain and melting snow.

The Curcubăta Mare top can be reached by following the blue-marked trail. In the summer, the road to the top can also be reached with mountain bikes. In the winter the place is ideal for practicing skiing. Those who are a little less prepared can also reach the Curcubăta Mare top by going with the ski lift until the Piatra Grăitoare (Speaking Stone). It is important to remember that the trail takes about 5 hours and during the winter-time we must respect the warnings and prohibitions imposed by the Salvamont regional service.