The world has not always been like this - Sălacea traditional house

47.455824, 22.307779   Sălacea

The peasant’s house, built at the first half of the 19th century in Sălacea, on the site called Kis Burga is probably the last monument built in the old style of terraces, a style that used to be once widely spread in the Ierului Valley. In order to protect themselves from flooding, before starting to build their houses, people started to dig terraces on the banks of the water, with their hands and simple tools. Since these houses were built on a slight slope, a new style of building has appeared, dwellings partly built in the ground. On the three terraces built a few hundred years ago in the village of Sălacea, houses and cellars were made. Unfortunately, traditional houses have totally disappeared … with one exception. This can be seen even today, having been restored and opened to the public. In this traditional house with two rooms and earthen floor, household items from the old days are also displayed. The simplicity of living like this, the small windows the practical aspects of life leave a strong impression on the modern man.