A ruin in the middle of the field

A page from the book of history is waiting to be discovered within a short distance of Oradea, accessible by car or even on a bicycle. The ruins of a defense tower are the last traces of an important medieval fortress from the age of the Hungarian kings on the banks of the Barcău river, at a short distance of Sălard. Only a corner of a high wall is left from the tower that once had three or four levels and walls that were approximately four meters thick. The old fortress used to be a buckler and the gate to the Barcăului springs. The judge royal Paul Geregye was probably the first to fortify the fortress. Besieged in 1277 by King Ladislau the IV, the fortress was donated later to Toma, a nobleman of the Borşa family. In 1294, the fortress has successfully resisted a siege of the royal army lead by Andrew the II. In the following one hundred years the fortress was a palatine center, domain of the Hungarian crown and the residence of Queen Maria. She has donated the fortress to the Csáky family.

The flourishing of the area is also related to the name of this family, which is why they have moved from the fortress to the heart of the prosperous fair from Sălard. More than a hundred years ago, parts of the walls of the old fortress could still be seen, but today the ground has covered most parts, since it was located in the flooding area of the Barcău river, which was regularized only at the end of the 19th century.