Spend a day in nature, at the Olosig lake!

The Olosig Lake, only a kilometer distance away from the Marghita-Săcuieni road, is a real oasis of natural beauty in the middle of the Bihor Plains. The water which is over ten hectares is the ideal place for those who practice fishing as a recreational sport. The lake is populated by administrators with fish species such as pike, catfish, crucia carp, prussian carp etc. Fishermen from around, as well as from Oradea and from the neighboring cities that are on Hungarian territory today, all come here during the season, which is between the 1st of April and the 31st of October. Even reservations can be made by phone for the best fishing spots.

Route: from Oradea you have to follow the route of: Biharia – Satu Nou – Tămăşeu – Diosig – Săcueni. In Săcueni you have to go out on the DN 19 and take a right turn on the DN 19A. The next locality is Diosig. Before entering the village, after the road exists the forest on both sides you have to turn right, and after another short part of the road, you can see the lake that is located in a picturesque place right at the skirts of the forest.

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