The reformed church from Sălard

47.2270979, 22.02485820000004   Sălard, jud. Bihor

The church that is reformed today has been built as the home of a Franciscan Monastery and it represents the gothic architecture of this area, which keeps most of its elements from the 15th century. The fact that this church exists is strongly related to the Csáki family. This noble family has risen under the reign of Sigismund de Luxemburg, being part of the highest levels of aristocracy. They are also credited the first administrative organization of Bihor county. Nicolae Csáki, head of more counties, judge of the Kumans and later on voivode of Transylvania, has founded at Sălard the monastery whose church stands even today. As a paradox of destiny, the life of the monastery was marked by another member of the Csáki family. The followers of Csáki Farkas, who have adhered to Protestantism, have destroyed the monastery and killed its guardian. Since then the church functions as a reformed worship place. The first pastor of the place was Kolozsvári Igaz Kálmán (1620-1667), expelled from Cluj because of his Puritanism. The church has many interesting architectural elements.


The murals, discovered on the northern wall during recent renovations, are perhaps the most remarkable ones. The Vrigin Mary and Baby Jesus are represented on one of them, surrounded by St. King Stephen, St. Emeric, respectively St. Catherine, with Emperor Maxentius standing at her feet.