Marghita - Far from the unleashed world

Marghita is one of Bihor’s localities that enjoys the blessing of thermal water. The water that comes out of the earth at 65 degrees Celsius, is rich in mineral salts and has healing properties for bone and cardiovascular system diseases. Far from the noise of the big cities, the Marghita open air pool provides those who want to relax two swimming pools with thermal water. The first one is 600 mc and the other one has a capacity of 200 mc. In the spa park, between two hot baths, sports lovers can devote themselves to their passion. They can play football, tennis, sand-volley, table tennis, etc. or even go to the gym. Throughout the season, medical assistance, massage services, public catering, free parking and sun loungers are also provided. Tourists who want to disconnect can practice fishing or cycling in a natural setting that offers peace, a wonderful view and all the necessary conditions for spending a relaxing stay in the middle of nature.