The Zichy Castle - Boyar residence and school of viticulture

47.301328085438264, 21.996495176721055   Diosig 417236

The castle from Diosig which was built in 1702 by Grunsfeld Franz Johann, renovated and expanded 20 years later, is one of the noble buildings specific to the plains of this part of Europe. In 1810 a member of the Zichy family has bought the impressive building and the vineyard belonging to it. The Zichy family was one of the wealthiest families from this part of the country and they were originally from Bratislava. Until 1920 the building was the residence of one of these wealthy noblemen. In 1965 a school of viticulture has been set up in the old castle, administered by the state. The castle that has recently been put under administration by the local authorities was renovated and open to the public, offering tourists an informative and interactive exposition center which represents the natural values of the Ierului Valley. Corners of nature of this area of moorlands are displayed in its large rooms.


The exposition is part of a larger project that aims to create the necessary conditions for tourists to be able to visit the Daru moorland area. Another goal of the project is to raise awareness regarding the environmental issues and to offer long-lasting protection for the Ierului Valley.


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