Themed walks in the Pădurea Craiului

The “Descoperă Valea Roșia” (Discover the Roșia Valley) themed walk

A walk in nature, about 2 kilometers long, can be a welcoming journey for the eyes, as well as the soul, regardless of the seasons. This walk starts from near the crystal cave at the Farcu mine, it is accessible to people of all ages and it gives a series of views on the cultural landscape of the Roșia area. Tourists can get acquainted with important aspects of wild life, the forest, preserving biodiversity and the karst. The most spectacular place of the themed walk is the balcony set up at the Stanul Cârnului point, which offers tourists a spectacular view on the Cheilor Văii Lazuri from a height of over 80 meters.

The “Poveștile pădurii” (Tales of the forest) themed walk

This themed walk, with a length of almost 4 kilometers, is located on the right slope of the Crişul Repede Gorge, near Vadu Crișului and offers a series of picturesque views of the breathtaking area. The information boards are meant to provide the traveler with information about the crucial importance of the forest as an ecosystem. They also inform the traveler about a series of rules that should be followed when going on a touristic pathway in the forest. Being one of the oldest nature reserves in Bihor county, this path can be the ideal place for a walk outside combined with an interesting lesson about our environment.

The “Fără nici o urmă!” (Without a trace!) themed walk

This themed walk is about 2,5 kilometers long and it follows the “red dot” trail, on the left bank of the Crișul Repede river, from Vadu Crișului to the Vadu Crișului cave. The goal of this path is to show tourists how they can spend their time in nature, while having a minimal impact over the environment. This is why along the walk there are 6 boards inspired by the “Leave no trace!” principle. Pădurea Craiului is a place where you can not only walk but also learn.

The “Viețuitoare din pădure” (Habitants of the forest) themed walk

This approximately 3 kilometers long themed walk is between the Poiana Frânturii and in the Mișidului valley, thus being accessible to all tourists. After going through the suspended bridge which leads to the Vantului Cave (Wind’s Cave), tourists have the possibility to learn about the flora and fauna of the forest, specific to the Pădurea Craiului Mountains.

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