The gorge of the Crişul Repede River

46.952233, 22.527102   Bratca – Șuncuiuș – Vadu Crișului

One of the most visited touristic area of Bihor county is the gorge of the Crișul Repede River. Geographically the gorge starts in Cluj county, at the nearby of Huedin city, and it ends at Vadu Crișului village, Bihor county. The most well-known part of the gorge is the section between Bratca – Șuncuiuș – Vadu Crișului villages. Here the river flows between amazing cliffs, which are great for mountain adventure activities such as VIA FERRATA, RAFTING or ROCK CLIMBING. In this particular section of the gorge can be found the famous UNGURU MARE cave and the VADU CRIȘULUI CAVE and WATERFALL.

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