Rafting in the gorge of the Crișul Repede River

Rafting is one of the most wanted activities in the area and the Crișul Repede river is the perfect destination for it. From Bulz or Bratca up until Vadul Crișului, the rocks hidden under the water that flows between the walls of the gorge give the means for a precious holiday memory. At the entrance to Vadu Crișului, you have to pass an area called Pereții Gri, where the height of the rocks reaches 80 meters. While going down, the Vadul Crișului cave and the waterfall can also be admired. Other watersports like kayaking or canoeing are also practiced here. If we combine the excitement of navigating on water with the beauty of the landscape, we get the recipe for unforgettable fun and experience. The optimal season for rafting is in the spring, when the flow of the river is higher. In summer, the water level may be too low for aquatic activities.

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