Galoșpetreu traditional house - Memories from the life of grandparents

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Thanks to the passion of doctor Kéri Gáspár, who was born in Galoşpetreu, here we can find a splendid typical Hungarian household, one that is just as most of the households were in this part Bihor almost 150 years ago. Visitors can view the collection of Kéri Gáspár since 2002. This collection is unique because it has managed to reconstitute a household built in 1870 in the most authentic way possible. Even annexes specific to a farmer’s house, such as: the stable, the pig’s cot, the barn for the cart, the hay barn and the cellar can be seen in the yard of the house. The gate of the house, as well as the fence, was carefully reconstructed based on authentic elements. The well and the barn built along the fence are specific for living in this area. One of the house’s annexes displays traditional gears of peasants and fishing gears that were used in the moorland areas from before and in the Ierului valley.

The cellar and the annex from its entrance clearly represent the importance that wine and vineyards used to have in these places. The house, made of clay and covered with cane, has a beautiful wooden ledge which looks like it wants you to stick around and drink a glass of wine that the host has made.