Valea Rosiei - the land of overlapping worlds

46.7445229, 22.341886899999963   Roșia

North of Beius, in the heart of the Padurea Craiului mountains, a small town named “Rosia” can be found. Owing to its picturesque sight, it has been called by many as the “Carpathian Switzerland”. The surrounding mountains were formed by Karst stones hosting a large number of caves and sinkholes and underground channels. Some of the caves are easily accessible by tourists. The Meziad cave, the crystal cave(also an abandoned mine) from Francu and the Pestera Vantului cave are all great examples of this mysterious underground universe. The narrow passes formed by the Rosia river as well the Valleys of Vida and Lazur reveal a spectacular scenery. A wide variety of activities like hiking, cycling routes, cave exploring, rafting, “via ferrata” routes for climbing and trekking with adequately developed infrastructure, are available.

Tourist can’t miss out on visiting the caves of Meziad, the crystal cave from Farcu and the old water mill from Rosia (currently operational). Another tourist site is the Protestant Church in the village of Remetea which a historic monument with paintings dating back to the 14th century.

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