Via ferrata în defileul Crișului Repede

Would you like to try something new? Something that tests your strength and agility, while making you get out of your comfort zone? Then the vertical walls of the Crișul Repede Gorge are waiting for you! There are three via ferrata routes to the liking of anyone who is ready for an adventure.

The “Peretele Zânelor” via ferrata, from Vadu Crişului – the Crișul Repede Gorge, is a spectacular route, which offers an extraordinary view of the valley and the walls of the gorge. It is set on the right bank of the Crişul Repede River and it is next to the Casa Zmăului cave portal, in a steep cliff of about 100 meters. Tourists who choose to go through this route can rest or take pictures in the natural balconies from the rock wall.

The second route, the “Valea Hodoaba” via ferrata is situated in Șuncuiuș, near the impressive Ungurul Mare (Big Hungarian) Cave. With a length of 40 meters, this via ferrata can be a test-run for those who aspire to become alpinists. It offers the possibility of admiring the Crișul Repede Gorge and taking pictures of it in safe conditions, thus it is not surprising that this route is the favorite one for photographers. Furthermore, the upper side holds the keys to another adventure, as this via ferrata is also used to gain access to the Pârâul Tare canyon.

The third route, called “Casa Zmăului” is the most difficult one in Bihor. It has a C difficulty level and it is only recommended for tourists who have mountaineering or rock climbing experience. The ascension is over a distance of nearly 200 meters, with some vertical portions and even surpluses in some places. On the upper part, the route is equipped with a suspended bridge of 25 meters, which makes the trajectory even more spectacular. This via ferrata offers a panoramic view of the Vama Sării of an important part of the Crișul Repede Gorge; a view that should be seen, because describing it is far from enough. Seeing this view is worth all the effort!

All three routes are equipped with metal ropes for safety and with metal stairs for climbing on them. The access to the three routes is only allowed with proper via ferrata equipment consisting of helmet, harness, double lanyard with shock absorber and it is recommended that each group be accompanied by a specialized guide.

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