Salonta, the city of two nations

46.8053° N, 21.6490° E  

In the charming town from Câmpia Crișurilor, Romanians and Hungarians alike live together in harmony. This is represented by the fact that here, at 39 kilometers from Oradea, in the immediate proximity to the Hungarian frontier, there are two museums. The Arany János Memorial Museum, dedicated to Hungarian literature and another museum dedicated to the Romanian ancestors. The guests of Salonta can also visit the “Arany János” Palace which gives home to the “Teodor Neş” city library, to an art gallery and to the impressive eclectic styled building of the city hall. Last but not least, the “Slavia” hotel and restaurant of the city will win over the tourists with its delicious food and drinks which are specific to the Romanian, Hungarian and Slovakian cuisine.