The little delta from Câmpia Crișurilor – The Cefa nature park

46.8962° N, 21.6640° E   Cefa

A true paradise for birds and flowers, the “Pădurea Rădvani” (Rădvani forest) nature reserve can be found at a small distance from Oradea in the Cefa municipality, more specifically, on the road that connects the municipality and the Ateaş village. Many people are already aware of the fact that this extraordinary landscape gives home to various rare plants on the verge of extinction, as well as different types of endemic plants and fauna, which can only also be found in the Danube Delta. Situated right on the border with Hungary, the Cefa nature park is proof that nature knows no frontiers. Various species of migratory birds can be found here, on the both sides of this imaginary line, which separates the two countries. The most spectacular moments are in autumn and spring, when these winged travellers ‘invade’ the area. With a little patience and discretion, tourists can witness a real show given by thousands and thousands of birds.

Right next to the Cefa lakes, which attracts migratory birds as a magnet, resides the Rădvani forest. This forest is also a beloved nesting place for many endangered species. Those who love wildlife can observe gray herons, night herons and little egrets while they make their nests in the little forest of oak and ash trees, which have survived in the middle of the plain. Other species of birds can also be found in this place which is a part of the Cefa nature park. This is why the whole protected area was given the status of bird reserve with European importance.

Since there are no marked pathways in the reserve and the birds are especially protected here, access to visitors is only granted by the administrator of the park and fishery.