Golf – for beginners and professional players

The idea of the game is simple; you need to hit the ball into each of the 18 holes on a course, in as few strokes as possible, less than the par of the field. The par represents the total number of strokes that a golfer should require to complete the hole. The par is predetermined for each hole by an architect and it is based on the game of a good player. The only golf course in the county has 6 holes with a par of 22. This means that all the holes must be hit from a maximum of 22 strokes. The architecture and the design part of the course belong to Gabriel Toader, who is a golf instructor. Not many people from Bihor know that there is also a Golf Academy at the golf course at Ineu. Children or elders, beginners or masters, it doesn’t matter. Everyone can further improve their skills here and become advanced players of this sport of strong nerves and steady hands.