Discover the Codru-Moma Mountains

Codru-Moma Mountains are located in the southern part of Bihor County (maximum altitude: Pleşu Peak, 1112 meters). The most important natural site of Codru Moma Mountains is Peștera Câmpenească / Câmpeneasca Cave, which can be accessed only with special equipment. The stream that passes through the Izbuc village enters the cave through a 20 m tall portal, forming an impressive 40 m high waterfall. Especially charming are the ‘black holes’ of water gathered in sinkholes of various sizes, which the locals gave the name of ‘tău’ (a regional name for lake, alike to loch): Tăul lui Barna, Tăul Iezer, Tăul Lupului, Tăul Dâmbu Șoimului, Tăul lui Ghib, Tăul de la Colești, Tăul Țapul and so on. Below the mountains, the village life is ripe with the beauty of traditions and customs as well as crafts which have been pased down through generations: pottery, wood carving, making bead necklaces and traditional weaving with motives specific to Țăra Beiușului/ Beiuș Land.

In Codru Moma, visitors can discover monuments of traditional architecture as well as natural wonders. Some of the most well-known are the Izbuc Monastery, the intermitent spring of Călugări, the wooden church of Holy Archangels Mihail and Gavril (in Colești), the Huta Convent, the Finiș Fortress and the impressive geological phenomenon of the Mierag Pits. All these places make up a land of tales and meditation, open to the admiration of visitors.