”Pădurea Craiului is a real nature paradise, at the surface of the ground and under it.”

Did you know that Pădurea Craiului, in Bihor county, is the tourist destination that attracts thousands of Romanian visitors, as well as foreigners every year? Why do so many people choose this place as their holiday destination? Simply because the unique tourist attractions and the well-kept habits, traditions are all fascinating.

Situated in the northwestern part of the Apuseni Mountains, between the Crișul Repede Gorge and the Beiuş Depression, the Pădurea Craiului Mountains represent the perfect symbiosis of men & nature. The beauty created by nature is protected by men, while the cultural heritage of our ancestors is still alive. Nature has given humans the support to create, with an innate artistic sense, values that withstand the test of time; whereas, men, deeply grateful to nature, have given it permanent protection.

This is a place where you just can’t stay still. The richness & variety of spectacular places combined with the well-preserved traditions & crafts offer a unique experience.  [Discover the Pădurea Craiului Mountains]