The Komáromi mansion

47.43615666282329, 22.226524351806574   Otomani nr. 30, comuna Sălacea

A great nobleman called Komáromi has lived two hundred years ago in Debrecen, one of the most important cities of Hungary. He was the wealthiest man from the wealthiest town of this part of the country. Naturally, he wanted a mansion that represents the level of his wealth and noble dignity. The story has it, that he bought a large field at Otomani, which is part of the Sălacea region today, from the Berna family. Here, in the heart of a vast forest, he has built the beautiful residence that still bears his name. Since it is situated on the edge of a hill, the castle is very imposing. Back in the days, it was also famous because trees and shrubs were brought in here from even as far as America. The stables of Komáromi were just as famous as his herd. At the end of a tunnel there was a spring that has supplied water to the entire castle, which was extremely rare in that period. Following the renovation and redesign, today the Komáromi mansion has five exhibition halls and a conference room.


The exhibition area presents aspects from the life of the first owners, historical details about the past of the local reformed church, and historical dates of the region. All of this is an interesting display related to the dramatic effects that the intervention of men had on the moorlands that were once close by, related to the flora and fauna specific to the area and also to the occupational traditions from the Crişul Repede, Barcăului and Ierului valleys. The recently revived and renovated arboretum of the castle is now also opened to tourists.