Not enough people know that the Pădurea Craiului Mountains open gateways to two worlds. The mountains, forests and villages are the beautiful surface. But look closer and you will also find a stunning ‘underworld’, with a whole universe of caves, many of them still waiting to be explored.

Those who venture to step into this ‘underworld’ have at their disposal programs adapted to the experiences they wish to gather as well as to their own skills. Ten caves are waiting for you: the Ciur-Ponor, the Craiului, the Vântului, the Hârtopul Bonchii, the Bătrânului, the Moanei, the Doboş, the Gruieţ, the Gălăşeni and the Osoi caves! Are you up for the challenge? As with all the worlds, this one needs protection too. There are some safety measures that have to be taken when visiting the cave.

Every cave has its own management plan and visiting rules. Of course, caving equipment (helmets, lights, protective clothing, and in some cases harness, lanyards, insurance systems) is required and one of the well-trained guides has to accompany you when entering the caves. This is however nothing to be concerned about. The fact that safety always comes first is reassuring and the guides will transform your adventure into an unforgettable one.

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