Alpinism and climbing

The Pădurea Craiului Mountains, and the Crișul Repede Gorge in particular, represent an area with traditions for alpinism and climbing. The high walls of the gorge have peaked the interest of explorers from the beginnings of Romanian mountaineering. Considered a real paradise for climbing, we can find almost 300 alpinism and climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty and length, distributed in 20 zones on the limestone rocks in the gorge. Hence, anyone can find a route to their liking, regardless if they are beginners or experienced climbers.

The Şuncuiuş area is a real “treat” for those who love climbing. One of the favorite places here is the Zenovia Cliff, which is found right in the camping zone at the Unguru Mare Cave. Another famous area is called the “La Surplombă” and it is known for its difficult trails. The best climbers from the country come here to challenge themselves.

The newest climbing routes were equipped on the Poieni valley, in the Osoi Cave area, in Vârciorog, thus the area became very attractive due to the easy access and the large number of routes (over 30) on a small surface.

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