Discover Bihor from the sky!

The only private airdrome of Bihor county can be found at Ineu. Many masters of the sky, who have been here, claim that this is probably the most beautiful airdrome of the country. The recently founded Ineu air club aims to offer a “friendly, challenging and competitive environment” for anyone who is interested in joining the exciting, adrenaline-filled and incredibly beautiful world of air sports. The lane of the Ineu airdrome can be used by any type of light aircraft, motor gliders, gliders and ultra-light aircrafts. The lane is the ideal place of discovering Bihor from the heights, since it is strategically situated near Oradea and the Crişul Repede Gorge, which is considered to be the gate to the Pădurea Craiului Mountains. Naturally, the perspective on the landscape is quite different and the satisfaction of discovering peaks, lakes and deep valleys from sky high guarantees the uniqueness of this experience. It is said that once you have tried flying you will never cease to dream about it. The picturesque scenery of the Bihor Mountains will only add to the charm of this experience.

Nowadays, gliding has become a popular sport among the thrill-seekers. Thanks to the collaboration between the airdrome from Bihor and one of the largest gliding clubs in Europe, anyone who pays for a glider flight, can fly on the wings of the wind, during the summer season (July/August), when the training camps are held.